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The Caller and Church Calendars

The Caller is our monthly newsletter. Our Monthly Worship Assistant Calendar and Monthly Activities Calendar can also be found here.

Children, Youth, & Family Newsletter

Published monthly with news and information focused on our Children Youth and Family programs.

Saint John This Week

Weekly news and information.

View pictures of our remodeling.

Click to view pictures of our remodeling.

Remodeling for the Future

This documents the vision and goals along with the multiyear process we have gone through to remodel and renovate our church.

Great Lakes Scrip Program

Gift card, special credit card or scrip all describe the cards which Saint John is selling. By purchasing these gift cards and using them instead of cash at your grocer or other shopping establishments, Saint John gets a percentage “right off the top” to help with its building campaign. There is no cost to you while your local shopping ‘creates a donation’ of several cents or more with each dollar you spend. Cards for three local grocers are available for immediate use.

Prepare your order ahead of time with the Great Lakes Scrip Form.

Stop by the table in the Narthex to learn how this can help our church.